Roadtown News 11.9.18 

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Monday, November 12



Wednesday, November 14

PTO Meeting, 7:00pm


Thursday, November 15

Kickboxing with Amy, Donations benefit the PTO



Thursday, November 15

Family Folk Dance Night, 6:30-7:30pm


Thursday, November 15

School Committee Meeting, 7:00pm


Saturday, November 17

PTO Thanksgiving Fun Run!, 10:00-11:00am


Wednesday, November 21 – Friday, November 23

NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break



Dear Moose Community,

We have completed our fall conferences! It has been wonderful to see so many family members coming into the building. We appreciate the strong family/school connections we continue to have at SES. Please make sure to reach out to your child's teacher with any continued questions.

There are several exciting events coming up at SES! On Thursday November 15th we will have our 2nd Annual Family Folk Dance Night from 6:30-7:30! Our wonderful music teacher Hannah Berube is organizing and facilitating a fun evening of folk dancing. This was a major success last year! Families and students are invited to join in on the dancing. Please come!

On November 17th the PTO Thanksgiving Fun Run on our fabulous track will take place! There have been fliers in previous Roadtown Newsletters and one is in this edition as well! Please encourage your student to take part in this event. Hopefully the weather will be sunny and crisp and it will be a fabulous autumn event!

There is no school this Monday, November 12th in observance of Veteran's Day.

Have a fabulous weekend,




Hello!  The art studio is in need of the following materials:

-LARGE cardboard (like from large appliance boxes)

-cereal boxes

That's it for now!

... but if you happen to have art supplies that you don't use or interesting materials just laying around your house, I am happy to take it for the classroom.






JCB:  What is your favorite thing about school?
SA:  Lunch.

JCB:  What’s your favorite lunch?
SA:  That’s hard.  Macaroni.  I like the macaroni.

JCB:  What book are you reading right now?
SA:  I’m reading “Pele:  The King of Soccer.” 

JCB:  What is your favorite food to eat?
SA:  Cake!  Vanilla strawberry cake!

JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do at home?
SA:  Play video games, I guess.

JCB:  What do you like to do outside?
SA:  Play tag. 

JCB:  Do you have a certain tag game that you like?
SA:  We just play regular tag.

JCB:  If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?
SA:  Panda.  ‘Cause they’re rare so I could be in the wild.  And they’re cute too.  Have you watched the video I told you about?  “Spider Pug” on Youtube?  It’s so cute.


***PTO NEWS***


A big thank you to all who donated time and delicious baked goods for the PTO bake sale that happened during town voting on Tuesday of this week.  Our collective efforts raised over $800 for the many programs and wonderful teachers at SES that the PTO supports.  Thanks also to Maryanne Antonellis of Spear Memorial Library for once again giving us the opportunity to do this bake sale during the election.

Please join us for our meeting next week-Wednesday 11/14 from 7-8 in the SES library.  We always welcome new people and ideas.  Feel free also to email the PTO at if you have any questions or ideas. 




So far this year we have run/walked 793 miles total!!  That’s like walking to Cincinnati, Ohio!  Check out our tracking map in the front hallway.  Can we get all the way to the west coast this year?!

Thanksgiving Fun Run! – Saturday, November 17, 10:00-11:00am.  Get your pledges now!  We will be hosting a Fun Run to benefit Moose on the Move Club (milestone prizes) and track upgrades.  Bake sale and food drive as well!  Bring a treat to sell or non-perishable food items that will directly benefit our community members.  Come for the exercise, come for the baked goods, come for the good will, or come for the FUN!  There’s something for everyone!!

The following children/staff* will be recognized at the next assembly (11/9/18) for hitting personal milestones:


10 Miles!

Aubrey Bunger

Anna Carlson-Belanger

Kyler Chance

Sebastian D’Alessandro

Olivia DiDonna

Quinn Dooley-Carvalho

Sabine Gasko

Charlie Grant

Radha Grip

Yohann Jordaan

Brianna King

Mackenzie King

Isabella Mendez

Zach Myers

Donay Nahkala

Jason Rahaim

Sita Rutter

Emma Stinson

Nick Stinson

Axel Sullivan

Elodie Warwick

Tansy Warwick


*Judie Belanger

*Jessica Carlson-Belanger

*Laura Ginsberg-Peltz

*Tyson Peelle

*Jan Tyner


25 Miles!

Ethan Lamore

Desi Schein


35 Miles!

Desi Schein


50 Miles!

Ezrah Ginsberg-Peltz


75 Miles!

Ezrah Ginsberg-Peltz



Dear Families,

This Friday, November 9th is the Community Network for Children (CNC) Program  Community Benefit Dinner at the Shutesbury Athletic Club, 282 Wendell Road from 6:00-7:30pm

Adults $10, kids and seniors $5. Raffle too! Cash or check please.


TACOS (meat, bean) and all the fixings!

Sautéed peppers and onions


Cheese Quesadillas

Mac & Cheese


Support the Union #28 Community Network for Children Program and enjoy a delicious dinner with friends and neighbors!  FAMILY FRIENDLY!

IF you are available we are looking for a few more volunteers to help serve food, staff the raffle table and provide a baked good (other than brownies). Email Gillian if you are interested/available/willing! 


Thank you for all your support of the CNC program! It takes a village. 

Gillian Budine, Coordinator
Community Network for Children
201 Wendell Road
New Salem, MA 01355

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Thanksgiving Fun Run

TFR Pledge

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