Roadtown News 11.2.18 

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Sunday, November 4

Daylight Savings Ends.  Fall back one hour!


Tuesday, November 6

EARLY RELEASE, Parent/Guardian Conferences



Tuesday, November 6

PTO Election Day Bake Sale, Town Hall


Wednesday, November 7

Parent/Guardian Conferences, 1:00-3:30pm


Thursday, November 8

Kickboxing with Amy, Donations to benefit PTO



Friday, November 9

All School Assembly, 2:30-3:00pm


Monday, November 12



Wednesday, November 14

PTO Meeting, 7:00pm


Thursday, November 15

Family Folk Dance Night, 6:30-7:30pm


Saturday, November 17

PTO Thanksgiving Fun Run!, 10:00-11:00am


Dear Moose,

What a week! Vocabulary Costume Day, conferences, the clothing drive and welcoming in November! It sure has been a bustling, exciting time at SES. The costumes and amazing words that students wore on Wednesday were truly fabulous! We have taken many pictures and will present a slideshow at our next assembly. We had a "Wonderful Word Parade" on our track on Wednesday where we walked in different directions and students and staff got to admire each other’s words and costumes. We were definitely walking dictionaries and thesauri. Thanks to everyone who contributed! 

In this RTN is an order information form to purchase Moose merchandise. Sweatshirts, hats and long sleeve t-shirts are available to buy for the chilly weather.

THANK YOU to our Nurse, Katie Harrington, for organizing and facilitating our clothing drive. We had SO MANY AWESOME items available for the community. Thanks to everyone who donated! We hope many families benefitted from this event!

Next week conferences continue on Tuesday the 6th and Wednesday the 7th. This means a 1:00 dismissal on both days. We have enjoyed having families in the building!

It is the end of daylight savings this weekend. Don't forget to TURN BACK your clocks on Sunday! 

Happy November, 





In Physical Education class we have been engaging in our fitness unit with October Games. These games include some fan favorites such as Zombie Apocalypse and Monsters at Midnight. We start by setting up dozens of mats as a giant obstacle course. Students sneak around the gym trying to avoid the zombies on scooters, or ghostbusters with flashlights. You can expect spooky sounds coming from the stereo this month as we dip, duck, and dodge our way to safety. As always, this is about more than just speed, you can see students coming up with strategies on both the zombie or human side. Ask our mighty mooselings how they play each round, as the lights change, or how mystery taggers affect play. Even better, play your own version at home too:) As always, we love to move as much as possible in class. After a student is tagged we earn our way back in with a challenge of choice exercise. We have students in all of our grades practicing and excelling with superman push-ups. This exercise is truly all strength! Superman (Superwoman) push-ups do not allow for any momentum, or elasticity in the muscles to cheat a rep. It requires someone to have complete control of their body and makes one push-up feel like ten. It has continuously been the highlight in my day to see how humble students are as this harder form asks us to leave our ego behind and focus on HOW we perform, rather than how many. Have a happy October Shutesbury Moose, play often, and stay strong! 


Mr. Steven Carra

Physical Educator

Nurse Katie teaches 4th grade about proper handwashing!


Fifth grade takes a brain break!











JCB:  What is your favorite thing about 3rd grade?
DS:  Probably…all the books.  We have a lot of books in the classroom and they’re all good books.

JCB:  What are you reading right now?
DS:  I’m reading some of the shark books.

JCB:  What is your favorite food to eat?
DS:  Probably my mom’s macaroni and cheese.

JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do at home?
DS:  Play Legos.  I build from the instructions and build other things.  Me and my brother, Emil, play Legos.  We’re building a town out of Legos.  We each built a Lego house next to each other and we pretend we’re in a town.  We only have 2 houses – the house he built and the house I built, without instructions.

JCB:  What do you like to do outside?
DS:  Go in our tree house and play in the stream.

JCB:  If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?
DS:  A spider monkey because then I can climb really high and swing because I like climbing.

***PTO NEWS*** 

The PTO has been meeting regularly this year...planning for several upcoming fundraising and community building events.  First off, we will have a bake sale during the town election next Tuesday November 6 to raise money for Shutesbury Elementary School.  You should have received a notice from your classroom rep about this, and we would love to have your help as a volunteer at the table and/or by donating baked goods to sell.  Please use the link for the sign up genius to volunteer.  This has been a lucrative fundraiser for us in the past!

Please keep your eyes open for notices about upcoming PTO fundraisers near the holiday break.  We are planning to re-open the SES Moose merchandise store, and will be selling a variety of items including the standards of T Shirts and Sweatshirts.  There will be some exciting new merchandise this year as well.  Stay tuned!

As always, we would love to welcome you to our meetings.  We also encourage you to reach out to us with ideas or thoughts about the PTO.  Our meetings will now be taking place in the evenings on the third Wednesday of each month-though the November meeting will be 11/14 due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We are also planning another morning meeting time for December to allow families who may not be able to come in the evening to join us.


PTO Election Day Bake Sale 11/6 - Bakers and Volunteers Needed!

The PTO Election Day Bake Sale is coming up! Please let us know if you can bake or contribute items to the bake sale and/or if you can volunteer for a shift to sell treats. Contact to let us know if you can bake and/or volunteer. Thanks for your support!




A new Moose on the Move session will begin for November/December.  We will still be holding Moose on the Move after school on Mondays from 3:10-4:00.  We will also have a Thursday morning session from 8:00-8:30 (instead of Wednesday mornings).  We hope you can join us!  See the flyer attached to this week’s Roadtown News.

Thanksgiving Fun Run! – Saturday, November 17, 10:00-11:00am.  Get your pledges now!  We will be hosting a Fun Run to benefit Moose on the Move Club (milestone prizes) and track upgrades.  Bake sale and food drive as well!  Bring a treat to sell or non-perishable food items that will directly benefit our community members.  Come for the exercise, come for the baked goods, come for the good will, or come for the FUN!  There’s something for everyone!!

The following children/staff* will be recognized at the next assembly (11/9/18) for hitting personal milestones:


10 Miles!

Aubrey Bunger

Anna Carlson-Belanger

Kyler Chance

Sebastian D’Alessandro

Quinn Dooley-Carvalho

Sabine Gasko

Charlie Grant

Radha Grip

Yohann Jordaan

Brianna King

Mackenzie King

Isabella Mendez

Donay Nahkala

Jason Rahaim

Sita Rutter

Emma Stinson

Nick Stinson

Axel Sullivan

Tansy Warwick

*Judie Belanger

*Jessica Carlson-Belanger

*Laura Ginsberg-Peltz

*Jan Tyner


25 Miles!

Ethan Lamore

Desi Schein


35 Miles!

Desi Schein


50 Miles!

Ezrah Ginsberg-Peltz 



Recreation Committee will have a meeting on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 7:00pm downstairs in townhall.  We will discuss the hiking trails in Shutesbury and how to move forward with mapping and publicizing trails.  All are welcome.

Weekly Lunch Menu

month lunch


Thanksgiving FR





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