Roadtown News 9.1.17 

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Monday, September 4

NO SCHOOL – Labor Day


Friday, September 8

All School Assembly, 2:30-3:00pm


Saturday, September 16

PTO at Celebrate Shutesbury, 10am-2pm

Bounce House, Pumpkin Painting, And More!


Dear Fellow Moose,

It has been a true delight to welcome all students and families back to SES. It has been a busy summer here! Some of our floors have been replaced, fresh paint in many classrooms, lots of cleaning, a new stage curtain (!) and some sprucing up of the grounds have occurred. Also, many students witnessed the opening of our new track in the upper field during our Back to School Night on the 23rd! Thank you to the Shutesbury Community Preservation Committee for supporting this community resource as well as Jessica Carlson-Belanger for spearheading and writing the proposal. As a reminder, the track is open to the Shutesbury public from sunrise until 8:25 am and from 3:30pm until sunset on weekdays and from sunrise to sunset on weekends.

I/we utilize the Roadtown News to communicate important information and happenings in and at the school. Please take a few minutes to read the RTN every Friday! Jessica sends it electronically to many families and it is also available on our website

We have welcomed many new educators to SES! We are so lucky to have these wonderful teachers join us! Please welcome:

  • Barbara Fukushima as our Kindergarten teacher
  • Amy McDonald as our Grade 6 teacher
  • Rory Valentine as a Paraeducator in Kindergarten
  • Hannah Berube as our Music teacher
  • Mike Quinn as our School Adjustment Counselor 
  • Nurse Katie as our full time nurse
  • Martha Guild as our 5th grade long term sub until January
  • Andrew Johnson as a Paraeducator in grade 5
  • Dara Juels as a Paraeducator in grade 3

    EveLynn Goodhind is not returning to SES, as she is working as a full time art teacher in another district. We are happy to welcome Sarah Cadran as the art substitute. Sarah is almost done completing her certification as an art teacher! She is very familiar with our building, school culture and our students.

    At our first day assembly, I spoke to the students (and adults, too) about our goal of Kindness for the year. We read a book about the importance of being a "bucket-filler" called Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids. The idea centers around the concept that we all have an invisible bucket that we carry around with us-- everywhere-- at all times of the day. When we treat each other and ourselves with love, kindness, support, and respect our buckets get filled to the brim. When we are not treating others with love, kindness, support, and respect our buckets become empty. Our focus is to practice bucket filling (not bucket-dipping!) everyday. We will begin to recognize each other for "filling my/your/their bucket". If you'd like more information about the book and the concept, you can click here ( Please support our bucket-filling quest! You can even use it at home!

    Some important upcoming dates:

    • No School September 4th
    • 5/6 Field Trip to Morse Hill September 18th
    • Open House September 27th
    • Picture Day September 27th

Finally, we are doing some brainstorming in the school community about how we can come together to support the community in/around Houston. The 3rd and 4th grade are spearheading a Diaper Drive. Please look for a blurb in a future RTN from Ms. Darby. I will be working with the older students on a leadership project around this too. We welcome ideas and support in this endeavor. 

I am happy to be starting my 4th year as the Moose-in-Charge. As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns-- or to say hi!

With Gratitude,





NOTE FROM THE OFFICE:  Please return all school paperwork that you received in your first day packet to the school office in a timely fashion.  Thank you!



August from 1st Grade!



JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do at school?
AH:  Play with my friends. I like to play tag.

JCB:  What is your favorite food?
AH:  Cookies!  Chocolate cookies!

JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?
AH:  I like to make art.

JCB:  What kind of materials do you use?
AH:  Tape.  I really like it at this school.

JCB:  If you could be an animal what animal would you pick?
AH:  Wolf.  Because they are very fast, but not as fast as cheetahs.

JCB:  What is it like having your mom work at the same school that you go to?
AH:  It’s okay.  It’s okay because she’s my mom, because it’s hard because she gets so much attention. 

JCB:  What’s something that you’re looking forward to at school this year?
AH:  I’m looking forward to filling people’s buckets!!  [No, we did not pay August to say that!]

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