Roadtown March 10, 2017 

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Friday, March 10

Books in Action Party @ SRS, 4th – 6th Graders (who have read 5 or more MCBA books)



Sunday, March 12

Daylight Savings – Spring Ahead!


Monday, March 13

Safety Committee Meeting



Monday, March 13

Kindergarten Orientation




Monday, March 13

Invasion Games Club with Mr. Carra



Tuesday, March 14

K, 1st and 2nd Grade Field Trip to UMass Fine Arts Center



Tuesday, March 14

School Council Meeting



Thursday, March 16

School Committee Meeting



Monday, March 20

Invasion Games Club with Mr. Carra



Friday, March 24

All School Assembly



Dear Moose Community,

Another mixed weather week! Students really enjoyed being outside on Wednesday and Thursday in the mild weather. Several classrooms spent some time learning outside as well.

Many students in grades 4-6 have been involved in MCBA (Massachusetts Children's Book Awards) activities all week. On Thursday, they participated in a Battle of the Books competition. Winning teams were:

3rd place! Michaela, Luke, Arielle, Sara

2nd place!  Sage, Jordan, Gianna, Forrest

1st place!  Sarah, Arin, Joshua, Joanna

On Friday evening (3/10), students who read 5 or more MCBA books this year are invited to a Books in Action party at Swift River School. Students will participate in fun activities based on the MCBA books-- including eating a delicious meal. Leverett, Shutesbury, Erving and Swift River Schools participate in this event together. It is a fun and exciting time.  Special thanks to Ms. L. for organizing and facilitating this fun tradition.

I am very happy to announce that Ms. Lobenstine has been awarded the Pioneer Valley Excellence in Teaching Award. Ms. L has been an educator at SES for 20 years. She has worked in the classroom for most of that time and has recently been our school library teacher. She has worked with hundreds of students, staff members, families and community members in her work at the school. We are very lucky to have Ms. L here working with us every day! Congratulations!

This is a reminder that Daylight Savings occurs on Sunday! Hooray for more light in the afternoons!



Ella from 3rd Grade!


JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do at school?
EL:  I think my favorite thing to do is to be outside of my class because it’s just really nice especially this kind of weather - just run around and just be kind of crazy.  I really like the warm weather.  I also really like doing math and writing.

JCB:  What do you like to do when you’re at home?
EL:  On Tuesdays I go rollerblading.  It’s really nice and really good exercise.  I also really like to read and be outside.

JCB:  What are you reading right now?
EL:  I am reading Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles:  Book 2 right now and also The Amulet series.

JCB:  If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?
EL:  I would make sure everybody had equal rights and that everybody was equal and everybody was treated fairly.  I would also fight for LGBTQ justice.

JCB:  What would you like to be when you grow up?
EL:  I would like to be a writer and an illustrator.


Attention 6th grade parents/guardians, and 5th grade too!:

The Spaghetti Supper has been scheduled for May 12th.  This is a wonderful event where our school is transformed into an Italian bistro for the evening!  This is a HUGE undertaking. Many of our 6th graders have been looking forward to this important milestone for many years. As you are aware our class is a small one. In order for this event to be a success we need all hands on deck, not only for the night itself, but also planning, making phone calls for donations, picking up items, set up, helping in the kitchen, clean-up etc.  We would also greatly appreciate any help from 5th grade students and parents/guardians!  

Our first meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 16, 6pm at the school.  We are asking all 6th grade parents/guardians to attend, or at least one parent/guardian from each household. All 5th grade parents/guardians are also invited to attend. This will be an opportunity for parents/guardians to sign up for specific tasks. If you are not able to attend the meeting please get in touch with Kyla Hastie or Amber O'Brien so we can keep you in mind when delegating tasks.


Amber and Kyla

contact info:  Kyla-

                     Amber-   (413) 367-2367


Reminder from the SES Family Handbook:

“If your child has a communicable disease or a condition which can be spread to others (i.e. strep throat, head lice, scabies, impetigo, etc.) please keep your child home and notify the nurse in order that we may prevent, as much as possible, the spread of the illness.  Children should remain home if they have had diarrhea, vomiting, or a fever in the past 24 hours.”

Reminder from the SES Office:

Please escort children who are being dropped off at school into the school in the morning.  While buses and cars are pulling in to our parking lot, it is dangerous for children to be crossing the parking lot by themselves.  If buses are not at school yet, you are welcome to pull up to the front door and drop your child off.  If buses are here, please park in the lot and walk your child into school. Thank you for your attention to this. 


Registration for Multi-Arts' Summer Camp is now OPEN!

Children will have a unique time exploring all the arts with top-notch professional artists every day.  Our superb educational experience will enrich children’s lives now and in their future.

Space is limited, so register NOW!

Check this fantastic video  created by children who attended Multi-Arts in the past: Clear message. Fun. Creative. Reflects the power of the arts.

Hope to see you this summer or in our Spring Camp on April 17-21

PS: Check our Counselor in Training program for teens and our Internships for college students    413-584-7951


Yoga & Kirtan Workshop for Children

with Jai Fuller & Durga 

Saturday, March 18th, 2017 ~ 3 to 5 PM 

Sun Studio, Florence, MA

$30 early-bird registration thru March 11th / $35 after

Pre-register at / 413.559.7153

Drop-ins welcome ~ arrive early with parent to register 

Not a school sponsored event. 


Tune In & Shine Your Light!    Participants will learn and practice techniques for tuning in that are inspired by Kundalini yoga and involve breath,  postures, relaxation,  meditation and intuition. They’ll learn how kirtan powerfully de-stresses the body, calms the mind and opens the heart, and practice chanting with breath, mantra and meditation. A healthy snack will be served. This fun, interactive workshop is designed to relax, energize, and engage children in cultivating awareness and shining their light. Ages 8 to 13 ~ no prior experience needed 

Jai teaches yoga to children for spiritual development and well-being.  She is a lifelong Kundalini yogi who directs and teaches for holistic children’s programs, including Khalsa Childcare and Khalsa Camp.  Jai is licensed as a Childcare Provider, certified as a Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Instructor (RYT, RPYT), and accomplished as a dancer who teaches ballet, modern and West African dance to people of all ages.

Durga leads kirtan and trains people of all ages to cultivate relaxation and consciousness for spiritual development and well-being. She has practiced yoga for 30 years and led kirtan since 2000. Durga holds a BA in Child Development centered around developmental assessment and certified primary school teaching.  She is licensed as a Spiritual Health Coach and certified to coach in Biofeedback, Stress & Pain Management and Quantum Health.

Weekly Lunch Menu     

Drama Club

Fresh Air Fund

Street Hockey

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